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Meet Pamela Samash

Written by Heather Penn

I’m a stay at home mom who’s lived in Alaska since Dec 2000. I’ve been married since 1995 and we have had 4 kids and I have one granddaughter. I have always loved Jesus and animals and cared for the innocent.

I believe the family unit should be protected at all costs, and so should freedom of religion, property rights and medical decisions. I am passionate about these things because my mom was 15 when she had me in 1971

with virtually no support and so it was us with Jesus’s help against the world. Back then there was no CPS or they would have taken me from her because we had tough times. But, instead we persevered together

and these experiences made me who I am today. I deeply care for interior Alaska and I’ve seen mistakes made in other places I’ve lived that Fairbanks seems to be repeating and for that reason, I try to educate people

here so they can avoid the consequences of walking down the familiar roads I’ve witnessed. But, unfortunately, many people fall for the propaganda and brainwashing of those who profit from their suffering. It’s so hard

for me to watch because I know where many of  these decisions inevitably lead. I appreciate Free The People AK since they encourage freedom of speech and that’s such an important right to preserve and protect. 🙂

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