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Meet Chris Ripple and Heather Penn

Written by Heather Penn

Chris Ripple

 Born in Pasadena, Texas in 1974, raised on the bays of the coast since age 3. I have lived a very BIG life in which I have tried to never miss an opportunity to leap at new experiences and learning,

and it has led me through failure and success and every place I found value in my life. I have owned a construction and demolition company. Worked for DOD doing chemical weaponry on Johnston

Atoll. Industrial demolition. Instrumentation. Chemical operations. Orthopedic farriery and blacksmith. 300+ dives and held my USCG Master 50 ton license.. Done some flying. Permaculturist.

Master gardener who runs a homestead of grid. Energy conservation testing and development. K State delegate 2016. Inventor. Helped get Fairbanks Open Radio operational. A proud founder

in jointly bringing you this paper. A father and MAN with a mind and spirit that strives to shine a light on the darkness of oppression

out of Love and Gratitude.


Heather Penn

 Is a curious sort who discovered her love of writing could help those in need and open doors. Her love took her to college to pursue journalism but found her media relations fell short of ideal.

Though she was taught well the world in which she was entering didn’t make sense. Censorship and politically correct writing reigned supreme. It seemed most media had an agenda.Heather, a mostly

disorganized individual, felt agenda’s did not suit. Heather is a mum, wife and die hard 80’s fan. She moved to Alaska in 2008 as her husband was stationed at FTWW. Both military they decided to stay when their

term was up. They have since made Fairbanks home and love nothing more than taking the kids out hunting, fishing and camping. Heather is originally from Northern Ireland and has no problems turning on that

Irish charm or more accurately sarcasm when necessary. She has a real love of humanity and an abhorrence to corruption and greed. She hopes to continue as a voice in our community

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Heather Penn


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