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Meet Bill Kendall

Written by Heather Penn

A frequent contributor to Free The People AK, Bill Kendall is a wordsmith who can enjoy crafting an entertaining tale designed to delight a child or, just as well as, commentary on a contemporary issue designed to prod the reader into thinking. Perhaps less than well-travelled, he has never-the-less seen a bit of the world: most of us U.S. states west of the Mississippi, four Canadian provinces and the Yukon has worked in a porcelain factory and an electric motor factory while visiting grandparents in Bavaria, German and purchased the most delicious big seeded black Romanian grapes from a street vendor in Salzburg, Austria. As in avid long-distance touring cyclist, Bill has camped in some unusual places; in an orchard full of fallen fruit (yum!) on the Canadian side of Okanogan Valley, under the second story concrete walk overhanging the ground floors sidewalk at the Missoula, Montana Chamber of Commerce building and in the shelter belt on a North Dakota potato farm which still contained relics left behind by the original pioneers. He is an ardent anti-communist and anti-globalist and is thoroughly convinced that humans are incapable of ruling each other and would do best to be content with improving the way they rule themselves. Having been self-employed in the building trades most of his life, Bill now prefers to make smaller pieces of wood out of already small pieces; he’s a wood carver as well as a writer.

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