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Something to Consider Before Vaccinating

Written by Pamela Samash

“Good moms who love their babies and want to protect them get them vaccinated.” This is what every new mom hears. I mean think about it, the world is a scary place (so they say), full of evil and deadly diseases that can be prevented by shots. A mother staring into the face of her gorgeous baby just can’t ignore the dangers and rushes in to pour as many vaccines into her baby as she can. This was me too. I was this mom. I totally get it. It wasn’t until 10 yrs later and my third child that I changed and began to do research. Maybe it was my age, or my circumstances, but I believe it was God Himself who changed me. I remember sitting in a waiting room at a doctor’s office and seeing a book about shots. I was pulled to it and began to read. It was written by doctors and it talked about all the different types of shots and their ingredients and how they were made. This book listed statistics and showed graphs and charts; these are all things I’ve never seen or heard of before regarding shots. A seed had been planted and I realized there’s another side no one ever mentioned in the vaccine world, a very dark and secretive side.

As the years went by, I came across countless people who’s children had died or been severely damaged by shots. My first reaction was anger because these parents knew their babies and knew what hurt or killed them, yet nobody would believe or listen to them. They could scream with tears pouring out of their eyes on a rooftop about what happened to their child, and it would be completely ignored. They saw a healthy baby go into the doctor’s office and after the 5 to 8 shots, a screaming baby came out which led to seizures or a high pitched neverending scream or an out of control fever, or a blank stare, or a lethargic baby that never woke up again. Their baby was essentially maimed or murdered by the pharmaceuticals and unless they are able to fight an expensive corrupt “vaccine” court, there’s NO recourse, just years of agony.

What is going on exactly? Why would doctors hurt babies? Well, there’s actually several answers to this. One answer is they just don’t realize it. They’re trained to do a job a certain way and it’s justified by the way they’re trained and that’s what they had to study for hundreds of hours to pass tests for. This way of thinking is drilled into them. Second, some of them do realize it right here in our community and have specifically told me so, but they don’t dare go public because it’ll ruin their career. Third, some write books and are very public about it because they can’t live with themselves knowing how much their shots were hurting people.

What about the diseases, they are dangerous and the shots do protect people, right? Honestly, this is a whole separate article, but to quickly break it down,

-Shots are extremely toxic because they contain ingredients known by the EPA to cause cancers like leukemia, brain damage, auto-immune diseases and organ failure. Aluminum is directly linked to Alzheimers, formaldehyde is directly linked to leukemia, mercury is directly linked to brain and organ damage. All these are REPEATEDLY injected into tiny, developing babies.

-Many of the shots are for diseases that a baby will probably never come into contact with, and by the time they might, if ever, the effects of the shot will have completely worn off.

-Some shots are actually setting up disasters like the chicken pox shot, which only provides a 1 to 5 yr immunity leaving an entire adult population supseptible to catching the illness and that’s when it’s dangerous. As a child, chicken pox is harmless and provides a lifelong immunity.

-There’s a huge hoax factor. Flu shots, newborn hep shots, shingles and HPV are hoaxes. No one can predict the flu strain for a vaccine, newborns cannot develop an immunity to anything since their immune systems are only by the placenta and colostrum, and the HPV vaccine only covers a very small percentage of the 99 diffferent actual strains that actually exists and the shingles vaccine is actually spreading the virus.

– Hep, chicken Pox and MMR all contain DNA of dead children. What happens when cows eat cows? They get mad cow disease. What happens when people are injected with people? Would you eat another person’s flesh? Babies are forced to.

-Hep B and C are only contagious through blood and semen. I haven’t met any sexually active, heroin shooting babies, have you?

-Whooping cough vaccines don’t even work. The entire Nenana community was effected by this disease and all but my kids were vaccinated and it did nothing to stop the spread.

-If I were to take the shots laying on the table next to the baby that is to receive them, and squirt every drop of each one of them into a glass, would you drink it? Would we drink the same stuff that our children are injected with? Why not? And if not, why would we allow them to be directly inserted into children’s bloodstreams?

-Herd immunity is a hoax. I don’t care how many shots they shove into these kids, the effects are only temporary and over a short time, they won’t have any immunities left, just like the rest of the majority of the population and therefore, there never has been a herd immunity, it never existed. In my day we got about 3 shots, and yet, we’re still here. In my grandma’s day, they got no shots, and amazingly, they’re still here too besides the normal aging factor or other circumstances occurred.

-In the 80’s, hardly anyone had auto-immune diseases. There was only one kid in our school that had an allergy and everyone knew who he was. Now it’s common and they were not born that way, unless the mother allowed shots during her pregnancy.

-Shots during pregnancy is a deadly combination because the mother’s body naturally lowers her immune system to protect her unborn child. Vaccines have ingredients to stimulate the immune system which can kill her child, not to mention that the ingredients in the vaccines can cross the placenta and poison the developing baby’s brain.

I would recommend to anyone willing to allow their child to be vaccinated to do reasearch first. Pharmaceutical companies are businesses and they sign contracts and pre-make drugs and then they HAVE to sale them to make money, like how they had already signed contracts for the swine flu vaccine months before the outbreak occurred. When we get cancers and auto-immune diseases, we just make them more money. Our illnessses are their vacations and Mercedes. Not only do we have to be pro-active, we have to always protect our parental rights so we can choose what’s best for our own families. Recently a mother was jailed for not vaccinating her child and then while in jail, her son was “caught up” on shots. This is our future if we don’t make a stand for our rights. Please do your research, National Vaccine Information Center is a great start.

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