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A Mermaid Tale

Written by kid contributors

By Lilly age 12

The tale of the mermaid that leads sailors to their doom all started with the nicest mermaid in the sea next to the most magical place in the world Ireland, in the year 1753. But the way her path in life goes makes a monster of a mermaid in return. This is a tale that may leave you at the bottom of the ocean with all the ships and their sailors. This is a tale worth listening to for it might be a warning to other sailors that are seeking adventure at sea. Be prepared for a tale of mystery with no happy ending.

This all began at the banks of Belfast Ireland. A mermaid named Silvia was swimming on the top of the ocean and she caught the eye of a sailor. He was just on his way to leave on a journey to the docks to get food to bring back to sell at the market. The mermaid saw that she had been spotted and she swam under the boat. She had never seen a human before and she fell in love. She came out from under the boat and looked at the man. He had short hair with a copper tint to it. She had never seen hair this color as most mermaid hair was pink, purple, green, red, orange, yellow, and in very rare cases blue but it was never brown or blond. The sailor also fell in a deep pool of love when the mermaid came out he saw her beautiful purple hair like the tamed waves that the ocean makes on a sunny day without a cloud in the sky. The two soon fell in love and got married.

Three months after they got married they had a daughter. They named her Coral she was a beauty and she was loved by her parents so much. She had wavy blue hair that looked like the ocean when it is dry, but when she swam it was like the sky was kissing her head and the color went on to her. She had a gift where she could turn from mermaid to human when she entered and got out of the water. In order to have this power it had a cost that her mother and father had to be alive if not one of her half would disappear. She thought that this would never happen.

Then one day twelve years later three months after her birthday her father does another supply run to the other side of Ireland. The different thing about this run though was Coral’s father found himself face to face with a storm halfway there. He had fought many battles against storms and won. This storm though was different it was a battle he could not win and him and his crew went down with their ship like all great sailors do. When Coral heard the news she fell down with pools of tears in her eyes. Not only does she lose her father, but she also loses her powers at midnight that night she was devastated and furious she had to choose between her life on top and her life below with a mother that does not have time for her for she has wasted to much time shedding tears for her lost husband.

She spent much time deciding when something clicked in her mind and all the kindness in her heart vanished. She knew she would stay in the ocean but not with her mother she would be by herself for all eternity and never tell her mother for her mother would not approve of the choice she had made. She made a quick trip home for a wardrobe change and she grabbed all the supplies she needed then she went of to the sea to lead the sailors to their doom using the voice of beauty to draw the sailors near the attack . From that day on there was a rare chance that any sailors would survive their journey from land to land. You have now been warned and you will be prepared for if this happens. So remember if you hear the song of death and beauty go away and never come back to that spot again for if you do you will not make it out alive.




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