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The Great PFD Heist

Written by Heather Penn

This year 2017 We, as Alaskans saw once again our PFD being taken. But where was the noise? Why was no one protesting this theivery? The year prior had many outraged and now we just except defeat. So, we took it to the people and asked how they felt. What follows are their responses.

Preston Wheeler Since they have decided to take our PFD (which is the pittance we get for allowing the SOA to violate our mineral rights under the mining law of 1872, which is still binding. The Alaska Constitution is illegal in this respect). Therefore, the people need to file against t.he state to acquire all mineral rights to any and all properties owned by the individuals. It is wrong for the state to keep the mineral rights to your land and hold back payment from the citizens for not allowing them to have mineral rights. Let that sink in


‪Sam Tuck It shows the extent to which government can go in its quest for more money Gov Walker and everyone else is well aware that taking a portion of the pfd allotted to the people was never the intent of the framers of the program. That being said I will state here that Gov Walker fooled many of us once but never again!

 Larry Douglas Because they are getting used to it.

‪Next year they will take the whole thing.


 Stuart Redmond Both comments above are spot-on. They want to “re-neg” on the PFD deal? Then give us back our mineral rights, our land, CASH OUT the PFD Corp., and distribute THAT. If the next governor does not immediately restore these monies to the people, and make it impossible for this to happen again, all bets- and deals – are OFF. Impeachment would seem unlikely, given that the courts have sided with him, and would not necessarily remove him from office. But a Recall Election would. Where do I sign?

‪ What he has done MUST amount to political suicide, or they WILL take it all.


Ed Forquer‪ I’m pissed that this state has stolen $15K from my family in a year


Michael S Vandeventer‪ Stealing money from the people and talking about income tax to steal more, all without ANY serious budget cuts to a bloated spending plan is total B.S..

Chris Hunter‪ Implementation of a tax, be it income tax or sales tax without the voting consent of the people is on par with a dictatorship. Taking of the PFD is not very far away.


Charlene Ray‪ Sucks but apparently even the Supreme Court determined had no say in the matter


Travis Bean‪ Everyone has accepted that next year they will just take it all. The supreme court said the state can take it. I am betting we never see one again.


Charlene Ray‪ Sad but true and then they will implement income tax as well the bastards


Travis Bean‪ It is funny. They want the dividend. And then they will use the amount to determine our tax rate. So, 1000-dollar dividend? Now you owe the state 2000 in income taxes. The dividend isn’t enough, they want it x3.

‪ Legally what is the difference between half and all? Nothing, watch, they will take 100% in 2018. The have the courts and the publics permission to do so now. Forget the pfd, state income tax should be the real debate. Pfd is gone. Now we should try to fight the income tax. It only hurts people who try to work. All the free loaders continue their free ride.


Robert Heinbuch‪ Time to clean Alaska’s swamp of greedy criminal government.


Anthony Labeau‪ I want to know what would have happened, if the state would not have access to this free money.


Michael J Montalbano‪ Given the state more money was never the answer they can’t manage the amount that they have now. They should have shown a good number of years of money management before they try to take any other source of income nothing has changed for them to need more money. What I want to know is where is the money that supposedly is being saved for not prosecuting or housing criminals in the jail system, that was one part of the sb91 where it was supposed to save money so where is the saved money?


Anthony Labeau‪ Heck no, giving more money is not solving the problem just treating the symptoms.


Garret Flood‪ It would’ve been better to post this, along with voting records, before October 3rd.

Sean Burke‪ I protested hard, and was totally shocked at how few signatures for the recall I actually got. Now I protest in silence by means of targeting those who would do harm to others. I buy my security with fear and spilled blood. People are dumb don’t be one.


Wade Falconburg‪ Personally, I think they should get rid of it totally…it can go to the state for services and they can then get rid of pfd state workers to save way more money. That way we can avoid a state tax


Frank Harmony Tomaszewski‪ They stole the PFD then they voted for 4 million dollars for upgrades to the PFD office. (Bribery?…)

I collected names for the recall. I organized a protest holding signs. I attended another. We emailed. I made calls.

End result… they don’t care. they don’t listen. They don’t respond.

They are lying elitist thieves.

Voting them out is the only solution that I see.


Jason Thompson‪ They will learn next year when we vote them all out


Syringa Lewis‪ Am guessing the silence is resignation.


TJ Huddleston‪ Sucks but on the bright side, we get to sand walker to the unemployment line here soon enough


Ed Hunstein‪ I’m thinking your right TJ and now there talking about an income tax, well how about cutting some of the giveaway crap and if you want to tax something make it a sales tax then everyone that comes up here can pay and not just the people that live here year-round. You can see who puts money in the pockets of the Senate, the tourist industry like Princess who doesn’t want to have a sales tax.


Syringa Lewis‪ Agreed; sales tax. From the working sap to the drug dealer pays; not just those who bust their backs day in and day out. People who visit from elsewhere are already used to paying sales taxes where they live.


Anthony Labeau‪ It will be interesting to see if anyone votes for him.


Syringa Lewis‪ People will; it’s all about the R behind the name for some.


TJ Huddleston‪ Has nothing to do with an R. Walker ran as an independent in his last election


Syringa LewisTJ Huddleston Yes, but if memory serves me right, he didn’t start out that way. Yeah people will vote for him again, count on it.


Michael J Montalbano‪ Not I


April Lynn‪: What bothers me is that we came upon a crisis and the state said essentially, we will not make good on the payment we promised you, the everyday Alaskan. But they paid out their millions and millions to the oil companies – they made good on the payment of the credits to big oil. It’s reprehensible to me. It’s like a family with a budget shortfall where they keep the cable subscription but stop paying the mortgage. It just doesn’t make sense.


George Ziegler‪: The governor screwed every Alaskan except himself. I think what I’m feeling is betrayed and secondly why would anyone trust a politician.


Craig Alyx‪: It’s not going to help us avoid tax Wade. he’s not doing one OR the other, he’s one AND the other. So, if we keep bending over he will keep going in with the sandpaper dildo

‪The dividend is FOR the people. Walker wants to take more and more FROM the people. It is not our responsibility to pay for their failure to balance the budget and figure out how to make Alaska earn more money from outside sources. And they need 100% transparency. No more tax payer funding for flights and hotels. They can’t find enough money they should work for one dollar a year. That would damn sure put more money back in the failed budget

‪I mean for f**k sakes we were saving my son’s dividends into a college fund for him but punk ass walker thinks now he needs less money to go to school or something

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