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The Magical Adventures of Brooke

Written by kid contributors

It was a warm August day when every- thing began. Brooke had just arrived to high school as her rst day of being a junior. It was a little nerve racking but nothing that she hasn’t handled before.

This was the rst year she was able to drive but there was one problem. Her car couldn’t leave the house due to its little temper problem. Brooke was energetic, stubborn, active and sometimes needy. Any task that was put in front of her she tried to accomplish but her car was something else that possibly needed to see a therapist. After the rst day of school she went to go home but ran into one of her friends. They are both procras- tinators and were super far behind on this project for an AP class they had. So, they had decided to spend the weekend together.

Luckily for them they had decided to go on a rafting adventure instead of doing home- work. Most of this weekend they had just talked about roller derby and ate food in which may have not been the smartest idea. Once the weekend was over Brooke had realized that this year wasn’t like any other. She was striving for at least a 3.6 GPA, playing 3 sports and also had a job. Before going to bed that very night Brooke had one goal she wished to achieve. This goal was that as long as she accomplishes all this now she would hope- fully be able to get into her dream college of CIA (Culinary Institute of America) located in New York and be able to become successful.

This is just the beginning of her journey and she still has a long way to go so be ready for the series of The Magical Adventures of Brooke that’s coming out in July of 2088.

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