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How to understand TAX (theft)

Written by Christopher Ripple

When it comes to income, people that are educated in tax wording try to confuse those who are not when it come to real numbers. They have done just that and sometimes they can trick those of us awake to the sly deception.  When we are looking at income we compare apples to apples, not one apple to a bushel of apples, reduced by division, it is misleading and wrong.  Just like our comparing household income to an INDIVIDUALS income such as the EXPOSED salaries, OT , Benefits etc we have been exposing in our community.  We have showcased the top payrolls of GVEA (a cooperative owned by you), the city payroll and the whole Fairbanks North Star Borough payroll.  Why does this matter , because it is your tax dollars that foot the bill. Fairbanks has around 16,000 total taxpayers (Also owned by you supposedly), and the borough (Yep, owned by you) with a combined total of around 82,000 taxpayers.

The average TAXPAYER Fairbanksian makes ONLY $27,622 and that’s if you are lucky. This figure includes the listed GVEA, Fairbanks and Borough salaries making the avg VERY ASKEW. When we have only 16,000 people at that average payscale in one of the most Expensive places to live on Earth. Does that sound fair to our communities?  Does it sound sustainable or a controlled thing, fiercely protected by those making that blood money by use of terms like,  “I have more schooling than you”, (Really meaning in true double speak, I am more worthy than you, see George Orwells 1984)

I am not hating on anyone in particular, but instead pointing out the problems that truly divides our communities through slavery, yes, taxation is slavery.  And the way the rich become richer through this socialist hierarchy system people get into, shut up, and take the money.  Like taking the average of the three highest paid years to base a persons retirement off of.  But the most disgusting of all is the enslavement of our children to pay the retirement based off of these HYPER-INFLATED numbers because of OT fraud, etc.  How about we post REALLY needed jobs and see how much someone will do them. But these jobs, most people say are just busy and ridiculous and creating nothing for our community, only dwindling the bonds and real products made here.  That is what government has come to mean.

Do you think this can go on when it is described to you and now you have insight?  Not even if ,your fellow community does not tar and feather you as well as place you in jail for theft?  NO.  NO. NO!  That ship is upside down.  Regulation stiffles real productivity and distribution of people that may be willing to sell healthy food at a reasonable price but cannot afford to contend with burdensome and not welcome regulation…. hear that Assembly, Chair, and Mayors…. this is being played out everywhere. We have had GDP used as the equivalent of the Household average income.  It has been a sham.  And it is time for communities that will weather the storm to face and address it. Fire and prosecute the thieves in our community that have been given roles to work for us, while we PERSONALLY see nothing but reduced services across the board…. where is the removal of taxes.

The United States as a whole ran just fine before the FED came into existence in 1913.  Our needs were covered by trade imbalances where they paid the difference of our QUALITY products and that difference made our economy hum along without many problems… or overhead, or positions paid like they are now. Also making products that don’t last like most of the crap we have the ‘option’ to buy today because quality goods are not subsidised and crap. Perhaps the best products are just not allowed to get to the shelf.   Is this how we survive?  Is this a way that you can legitimately buy into by enslaving your fellow community member, for WHATEVER reason…..?  And how you truthfully answer this will tell you about your soul, and who you are.  Do you stay on our Island or do we vote you the hell off is the question…. do you help reset our community to where we ALL have value, the butcher the baker the candlestick makers… or do you continue to use force to make people pay what you think is fair to continue getting 200%-2000% more than your fellow community partners you prey off of?  And I think Prey is the correct word as we have police officers, fire fighters, park grounds and paper pushers that make more than the President of the USA and that is a far harder job than telling someone “we are taking your house and property” because you OWE us to continue our slavery scheme….  I personally have more respect for the guy or gal sucking out the septic systems…. why aren’t they the HIGHEST paid in the borough compared to a clerk.   Or police when crime is so rampant.  Or over our roads when we are being double taxed or triple taxed and the roads are left undone.  Or Librarian. or. or. or.  Unions, your thugish ways are on notice.  Either we are a community like our Great grandparents had or this thing we have allowed it to become with an endgame that is very much apparent and very, very distasteful and harmful to ALL, especially if you are dependant on this system.  Grow your own food.  Barter.  Make things we need without them being forcibly subsidized or hidden.  Free unmolested trade between two parties IS the answer.  Time for the theft to stop.


How to correct this: Please contact the Borough and City chambers and both mayors through their email links provided and tell them you support the call of Free The People, to IMMEDIATELY and OPENLY launch investigation into overtime theft and abuse of services within our community.  Call for IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION of the three best years retirement scam until a full and public disclosure is aired.  And finally call for an immediate termination without benefit of all those that have stolen from our community and our children, and finally PROSECUTION.  These calls have been made and will continue to be brought until FULLY ADOPTED and enforced as the taxpayer slaves call for…


Full FNSB assembly with Mayor option:  http://www.co.fairbanks.ak.us/assembly/Pages/Assembly-Members.aspx


Full Fairbanks Council and Mayor option:  http://www.fairbanksalaska.us/city-council/contact-the-council/


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