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Reality My Foot

Written by Christopher Ripple

I have a beef with liars. And tel-lie-vision with its “programming.” I would like to share some of my experience with this complete lack of mo- rality and falsehoods called entertainment when people are looking and WANTING to learn some- thing. Personally I say turn the damn piece of evil technology o and stop wasting your hard worked for dollars on Propaganda and lies to get you to feel a certain way, buy a certain product, or sway your ideals and morals to where the ‘programming’ directs….. but who is in charge of the direction? In Reality, its YOU. You are not what you drive. You are not what you wear.

I just spent a little over a week down in Chitina working the sh wheel and picking out
our food for the year when we watched a Cessna struggle in the generally windy Copper valley on nal approach to the small runway located near the river. About 20 minutes later a guy in colorful shorts, shirt and green corduroy Hawaii hat with at brim and Aviator style glasses came wandering down with a very homely skinny gal and baby on her back. He asked how the shing was going, as we lovingly prepared the blessings of some King Salmon we had caught. Then that questioning
led into, hey, by the way, we are lming a ‘reality’ show called Edge of Alaska (never heard of it since I actually live o grid and semi remote without tel-lie-vision) and then went on to say they were trying to lm them, whoever they are, including this very malnourished looking gal and her baby.

They had no success catching sh, even though shing seemed to be pretty steady, but they did just y in for a reality show. Then it really came out what they wanted, for us to sell them sh. Sell them sh so they can load it onto the Cessna, y it back to McGrath, get it out and op
it in the water like they caught it, then clean it.
Not only illegal but immoral. And this is the crap they call entertainment. I actually live in a small semi-remote, o -grid community and we share our bounty with one another, not sell it, as it is bad juju. So after near an hour of stringing them along and seeing what all they would o er for some King Salmon out of the Copper River that sells for $75 a lb in Seattle, airplane rides were mentioned, etc…. they straggled along hoping to nd someone else to ll their need.

Hopefully in some small way we prevented them from doing something illegal and wrong. Most Alaskans have dealt with this idiocy for many years now of making us look bat-crap crazy, dumb, or both. Most like to say it helps tourism, my an- swer is BS. There are only few large companies like Princess cruises or Alaska Airlines and their types that pro t from and send o the pro ts….. you think those exorbitant prices restaurants charge are discounted for locals or go down at the end of tourist season. Hell no. Do you think the commu- nity that foots the bills for the airport, its mainte- nance, its taxes, and its security o cers get special owner discounted rate fares? Hell no. Doesn’t sound like free market to me, more like Fascism hidden in lipstick and logos. Taxpayers don’t even get the bene t of the rental spaces from the bar or ‘Alaska gifts’ from China shops or, or, or….. Or how about the literal Crap tourism leaves here needing processing at our taxpayer funded water treat- ment facility. and this isn’t only Alaska’s problem.

And I could literally write books worth of the irresponsibility of Tourism and where the prof- its go, who is stuck with the bill and the cleanup. Personally we have turned down a couple of the shows wanting to film our lives. They try to give them away in cracker jack boxes with every purchase at Wally world, many of whom accept haven’t even been here very long. They know this. They don’t care. Why should we care about them portraying us as they do, get to foot the cleanup and mess, all so we can say we have extra tour- ism thanks to ‘reality TV’…… No thanks, and let me give you a tip, turn o the Programming, talk to people, go on an adventure. Don’t watch other people do it and think it is real, or Alaskan. We aren’t here because it’s easy. We are here and stay here because it is a challenge and makes us be the active, strong, intelligent people, most of which
I know true Alaskans to be.

We are not the people that learned from the ‘reality’ shows that are ooding up and ac- tually are closer to the people portrayed in the shows. Want to talk reality, I just broke my back
in the Brooks range and managed to get out 20 plus miles, make it home and write this article all without a hospital visit, helicopter ight, or health insurance. Just pure drive to challenge myself. That’s why I am here. I think that’s why many are here. But also why its time to cleanup our commu- nities as well as our minds and make reality, real. Start your REAL adventure today, turn o your cable/phone/blah blah bundle of theft and talk to your neighbor.

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