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In Utero Intervention

Written by Pamela Samash

God created April (not her real name) in the womb of her mother in January. Her mom Sally, (not her real name) was a person who had grown up in a lifestyle with drugs and violence. Sally could not find her way out of her generational chains, and continued the pattern of substance abuse.

She was poisoning herself and her unborn child and for whatever reason, wouldn’t or couldn’t stop. April’s growing body absorbed heroin, marijuana, and meth through her placenta which was intended to instead bring life into her. As April continued to grow, (because she’s one tough cookie), she suffered the effects of the toxic blood filling her up. Sally admitted to April’s daddy’s mother in about her 4th month of pregnancy that she was using drugs. April’s grandma jumped into action and contacted the police, drug intervention, and OCS to rescue her unborn grandchild from future harm and begged with them to intervene and jail Sally so she had no more access to the drugs. Nobody did anything. Let me repeat that, nobody did ANYTHING. Well, not until April’s premature delivery 3 months later.

April was born breathing! I told you she was tough. And who arrives to scoop up that little drug baby? OCS of course. See, now there’s money involved and all of a sudden, there they are.

April had severe birth defects but is a survivor. Her brain and bones are seriously damaged by Sally’s choices. Grandma also arrives to again rescue her granddaughter, but OCS blocks her from taking the baby home, but instead puts her into, you guessed it, foster care.

It’s going on the third month and April is still in foster care. Grandma has bought beds and all the OCS requirements for her grandchild but has only got to see her one other time. It’s almost as if Grandma is the criminal here.

Why didn’t OCS intervene when Sally was pregnant? That is the million dollar question, literally, since April’s care will probably cost that much. They knew. Everyone knew. April could have had a happy healthy life as a normal little girl, but even making eye contact is a miracle now. Hawaii intervenes to the point where these substance addicted moms get a year of rehab and parental support in a drug free facility. Alaska says they care about the drug problems, I say they are full of it. Tell that to April! It would have been a million dollars cheaper for taxpayers to have stepped into Sally’s life during her pregnancy and locked her up so she couldn’t poison April any further. Where’s Alaska’s mom and baby drug free facility? Why didn’t April get to be with her grandma immediately?  April deserved better, she had a chance. Now she and all of us will pay the price for years. I mean seriously, where is all this funding going that Walker has declared to fight drugs? Definitely not for April, that’s for sure.

Regardless of the ignorance, suffering and selfishness in this situation, I believe God has a plan. April will be a pioneer to start a new era in utero drug intervention in Alaska, I believe that. Once the pieces finally fall into place and their lives are more secure, funding and laws will be directed and passed on April’s behalf and so many others just like her. Alaska’s babies will not be born anymore drug damaged and will not be OCS’s payment plan. They will be born with good health and bright futures with rehabbed mommies and daddies. April’s story will bring us together and pave a new future!

In the meantime, pray for our children and broken system. Support Rep Tammie Wilson in her heroic efforts in all she’s trying to do to protect families from their own state program of OCS. And hopefully we’ll have a whole new beginning for our Alaskan children, born and unborn.


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