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Parent Fails

Written by Heather Penn

So yesterday I took the kids to the store and while we were all playing in the toy section, my son points out a small gumball machine. I smile and say the one you have is way cooler…
…rewind two years… My son had been asking for a gumball machine for Christmas. It was all he wanted. After scouring thrift shops and antique stores we finally stumbled upon a beautiful old-school penny machine complete with a wrought iron stand. It was awesome. Needless to say, Santa ruled supreme that year…
…fast forward to present day…
I start reminiscing to him about how hard we searched for his machine. Mid-way through my musings his mouth drops open, then he smirks and points at me. It was then I remembered he still believed (if only just a little) in Santa.
I frantically tried to salvage the situation but ultimately succumbed to my failure.

Though he had been questioning his belief in the big guy the prior Christmas, I had assumed like his older siblings he would come to his own conclusion. I couldn’t believe how careless I was and felt terrible.

After getting home and having a chat I explained that now he was on both sides of the magic no longer just receiving but now giving as well. He loves the idea of keeping the magic alive for his little sister and he noted getting more presents isn’t bad either. In the end, it turned out okay but I will never forget his little face smirking at me when the truth was exposed. Sigh…


Ashley Walley‪ I am a teacher, so I’ve been off the whole summer. I’m a lousy housewife… but one day, I was ON IT! I had dinner cooked, not burnt, and the timer was going off right as my husband walked in the door. Table set. House spotless. Just on top of it. For the first time all summer, and in the last two weeks of my summer. ‪😉

‪Good thing my mom walked in at the same time and asked where my two-year-old was at. Because I completely forgot to pick him up from daycare! And it was closing in five minutes. He seriously hadn’t even crossed my mind. It was bizarre considering I drop him off and pick him up every day!!!!!

Hailey Winfrey I sent Liam to school in his pj’s for pajama day. When I picked him up at the end of the day, none of the other kids were in their pj’s. I asked him if anybody said anything to him, yes Mom everyone.


Kenneth Adam McLeod I have 6 kids and one evening we went to church for bible study. When we went to leave, I realized we were short a kid. We then realized we left 1 AT HOME. We raced home. He was fine. He’d decided to take a nap and woke up to an empty house.


Nikki Whipple

All my son wanted to Christmas was a “Stinky the Garbage Truck.” Well, we got it and hit it behind the tree so he couldn’t see it. He made it through all his gifts, looked up sadly and said, “It’s okay mom and dad, Stinky was really expensive.” It made me cry I felt so bad so I told him to look under the tree one more time. There he found his last gift. I heard him whisper, “come on Stinky.” He was so excited though I still felt quite bad.


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