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End of Life Legislation in Alaska

Written by Pamela Samash

Alaska has had a rough session in Juneau dealing with the budget, that’s no secret, but what has been overlooked is HB54, the suicide bill by Harriet Drummond¬†

This bill did not make it through this round, however, that does not mean all is A-OK because the concept of killing ourselves and each other is spreading and we need to stay diligent since there’s always a chance another bill like Drummond’s can evolve.
Why is euthanasia and assisted suicide wrong and what’s the difference between the two?
Euthanasia is a doctor injecting and killing a person. Assisted Suicide is a person who’s been given pills to kill themselves.
Euthanasia is extremely dangerous since it’s one person outright murdering another person for whatever reason they “justify” to do so. This can mean the doctor can decide the patient has no quality of life, the family members can judge the patient’s circumstances and decide to have them terminated, spouses can also make the choice too, depending on the law, and parents can murder their own children.

When these bills are introduced, it’s always the same presentation, “to end the life of a suffering person with dignity”. But the big problem is what kind of “suffering” justifies killing? Well, at first, it’s those “terminally ill” and in horrific agony, but it never stays there. In communities with euthanasia and assisted suicide laws, statistics show that deadly effects begin to spread as time goes by. At first, it’s those in excruciating suffering, but then it’s those with depression, anxiety, addictions, etc. Now in the Netherlands for example, anyone for any reason can end their life.
During the HB54 hearings in Alaska, I testified at every opportunity I had and heard the other testimonies as I waited literally hours on the phone. Some Testifiers were happy there was no euthanasia here during their times of illness because they would have given up during the difficult times of recovering from their diseases or accidents. A lawyer testified from another state which has legalized end of life, that people will have their family members and spouses killed often times for inheritances. And there were a couple testimonies of folks who survived terminally ill diagnoses and are having families and bright futures and they could have been euthanized. A psychologist testified that societies with end of life laws are literally poisoned mentally because the idea spreads that life only has value when everything is perfect, and as soon as things get tough, the best thing is to just give up, and suicide rates in general start rising as a result. The last thing Alaska needs is higher suicide rates!

Right To Life, Alaska Family Council, Lance Roberts, and a few brave churches, are all that openly talk about this issue. We at Right to Life believe that God chooses Life and death and that euthanasia and suicide laws are a death trap for all and anyone can fall victim to it. One illness, a car accident, a hardship, and these could be excuses for termination. No one is safe once these laws are in place and they always lead to a slippery slope of more and more reasons to kill.
The way to protect ourselves is by talking about this subject with one another and testifying against it. We need to elect those who believe in life. Please stay aware and keep your eyes open, your life could depend on it.

May the Lord have mercy

Pamela Samash



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