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Written by Pamela Samash

Nenana, AK


Some people enjoy watching movies, and some surfing online, and sometimes I do those things too, but these last 2 weeks I have been entertained by watching these wild and crazy ravens.

At first I could only guess what these birds have been up to as they scream at each other like monkeys and dive in and out of the air. Crashing through the trees and running all over my roof like a herd of elephants is an all-day event for these little gangsters. After seeing 5 dead on the Hwy, I finally decided to do some investigating.


At first I called Fish and Game to ask about their wild and reckless behavior, but they admitted that they know nothing about ravens. So, after bouncing around UAF departments, I finally found someone who knew a few cool facts that answered my suspicions. These frisky black birds are in their rebellious teenage years and are trying to gain some experiences. They will yell, challenge everything, do some exciting acrobatics, and unfortunately also hop around in the streets and on the highways. They are too young yet to understand the dangers of cars and this is a fatal mistake for some of them.


I know that some people are annoyed by ravens, but honestly, they’re one of the smartest animals on earth. As they spread garbage around and poop on trucks foolishly carrying dog food in open beds, it’s good to remember we’re blessed to have them here and to be able to witness a truly brilliant creature surviving and thriving all around us.

Watching ravens at this time of year is a real treasure. You can tell who’s young by the areas of grey on their tummies and some yellow in the corners of their mouths. So, I’ll pull out my lawn chair, let the dogs loose to play and enjoy the black circus show in the sky.

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