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Fireweed Bakery

Written by Heather Penn

Single mom Tamara Lanmon started her business Fireweed Bakery in February of 2017.  Lanmon wanted to pair her love of baking with a desire to be her own boss. Lanmon first graced the public with her exquisite cooking at the local Farmers Market in 2014. Named Alaska Flower Lady Bakery and Sweets, the response was overwhelming. Lanmon showcased truffles, baked goods and Dutch-Oven breads. Lanmon also featured an assortment of gluten free goodies.

Lanmon has worked as a baker for the Cookie Jar and at UAF. She has done catering and cakes for much of her adult life. Her success with the Farmers Market lead her to search for a place of her own. Lanmon has spent much of the last two years gathering equipment and saving money to open her own storefront. Fast-forward to today and one can find her baking away in a cute little store off of Van Horn. The store located at 3532 International St, set in the middle of a large L-shaped tan building, flanked on either side by other businesses gives nothing away about the deliciousness found inside. The dining area is decorated with black and white stripes and adorned with pink squares and food related art. The door, wide open and welcoming wafts the smells of fresh baked bread out into the air. Avoiding that pull is all but impossible.

Two glass cases full of sweets such as pretzels, oreo cream cheese bars, shortbread apple crisp bars and cookies are there to greet you as you enter. Lanmon has three employees as well as herself working the small storefront. Her specialties are custom sandwiches, homemade soups, salads and baked good. She also has a line of gluten-free snacks and gluten-free bread and foods for those following a Keto diet.

When asked what made Lanmon open the store she cites a “desire to bring delicious homemade food to the community and a need to support her small family.” Lanmon also specializes in custom orders. From gift baskets to cakes and pies, Lanmon can customize “pretty much anything.” She also covers small catering events featuring sandwiches and desserts.

Lanmons number one seller other than her to die for sweets is the “rough-house sandwich.” Piled high with roast beef, house sauce, fried onions and jalapenos this sandwich lives up to its name.

As with most small businesses starting out, Lanmon would like to see her customer base grow. “I hope to have a bigger dining room at some point and have a late-night date night where people can come in after the movies or a date and have a dessert night,” said Lanmon. Lanmon also hopes to add a breakfast menu to her lineup.

Fireweed Bakery showcases a friendly staff, delicious menu and inspiring owner. Check it out, call in orders available

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