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Normalizing Crime

Written by Christopher Ripple

Normalization through opposition also know as Hegelian Dialect, works very well. But for the social engineers that have instituted this against humanity it takes time. It is Systematic applying pressure where needed.  With only a few people needing know where the end goal is heading.  One example is the people that belong to the Masons but not really knowing what the real power is of the initiated 33rd level Masters is. This level is something totally different.  I next will ask you a couple questions. Is our community healthy or not and has crime played a role in that?  What if the crime being done is allowed to take place!  What if I told you it was designed to bring about change. Providing power to a few who oversee the many. We people have been pacified. We are taught not to stand up for what is right and not to challenge the narrative for fear of being being singled out or losing a much needed paycheck.  We all play a role in these changes, most without understanding they are happening.  A couple moths ago a French Prime Minister Manuel Valls  said the terrorist attacks are normal and to “learn to live with terrorism”.  Until when? Until they are so bad we allow it to bring down our entire world while brother is against brother.  We had an Un-Civil war over that already that dealt with taxes and property though it was labeled as slavery abolishment. But if that is true wouldn’t  all men be free now?  Don’t allow issues to be politicized.

Here in our community of Fairbanks Alaska, we have the same problems, mandates and laws being passed against the will of the ‘voters’. All under the guise of “for our benefit.”  Prime example is the SB91*** where more crime is allowed with less punishment. Have you ever had to deal with trying to get the police to respond,  or stop a crime, or find your stolen stuff.  In case you don’t already know, if you are in town that is likely not going to happen. In fact within city limits the police won’t even show up anymore. Instead as a citizen you are required to go down to the police station and fill out a report. The expectation is then to sit back and wait until someone gets back to you. Trusting that your tax dollars are paying those vested in solving the crimes that impact those in our community. More times that not that return call never happens. So, one, left with hands tied sits and waits or gripes and waits but to no avail. The system doesn’t care about your strife. If it did it would call you back.  Or how about the local Wood stove burn ban. One of the Clean Air board members has one of only Stove Dealers/Installers in town. That couldn’t possibly be a conflict of interest right?

Next week we will be showcasing the payrolls of the local police dept and the departments of control. For they that don’t mind reminding you that if you don’t pay what they tell you they will take your home.  Or your freedom. Fun fact: the court buildings in towns are not usually in the same place as our elected officials or borough employees because they are controlled by Private Corporations parading as Our legal system….. they swear an allegiance to the American Bar Association who by the way is not under the jurisdiction of our Government. They are actually CONTROLLED by a member of the larger parental organization, the International Bar Association based out of London.  You read that right.  The people that say they are there to represent you are not, and do not, as I am sure you pretty well know at this point, which is why companies and politicians are not jailed.  They belong to a PMA, a Private Membership Association that puts themselves above the laws they make at will.  If you want to learn from one of the very best about this and one of our very own State of Alaska Judges, not fake judges, Anna Von Reich out of Big Lake, internationally known.

When have we had enough of them politicizing and manipulating us through “normalization” something our entire community should find repulsive?  When are we going to take our sanity back and realize Freedom is far from free and there is no free lunch.  Although we have built our entire false monetary system upon this shifting FIAT petrodollar, it is about to come crashing down.  I think perhaps that is the reason for bills like SB91. In my opinion, these bills are being brought up… continuing the downturn on the engineering side while giving the ‘out’ by slaps on the wrist for the most important part of the Bill. That of what is termed ‘Sex Trafficking’ which is a broad term that includes pedophilia. Yes, that is a part of SB91 too.   Pedophilia is how the higher ups are blackmailed and brought to heel.  Remember #Pedogate?  Remember #Pizzagate? Once you are dirty, you are owned.  And if you depend on a good paycheck and benefits to shut your mouth you do just that. That’s how it has rolled, until the downturn. Now payoffs can’t be met and people have started turning on their situations. That’s why Bills like SB91 are being put forward.  I say look at what happened and was swept under the rug when ex-VECO CEO Bill Allen silently slithered off with a slap on his scales for his child molestation accusals….. what do you think got Schaeffer Cox framed other than his open PUBLIC calls for prosecution of this particular issue? But you could just ask him yourself as he sits in a maximum security secret FBI prison.  Yep, they love us.

As you learn many of our articles cover many very touchy subjects but ones we MUST as a community, sweep out of our town, sweep out of our state, and out of our Nation. After all we are founded on the very principles of Freedom. Though it has been corrupted by the ones that claim “Law of the Sea” over us instead of our founded ‘Natural Law’, or, ‘Law of the Land’.  Many of our articles link to others we are writing or have written, life usually has causality, nothing is Independent and we as Humanoids have a particular canny for finding patterns in things. We have been taught acceptance, understanding and political correctness to stop the free thought and questioning that can see through these seemingly different problems and see the links that connect them, the bigger picture, the Forest for the Trees.  You need not know every detail of everything that happens. You do however have a gelatinous mass called your brain that can make those connections for you. Telling you what is right and what is wrong, who you can trust and who you should sweep out of your community. Have some faith in your humanity and your inner strengths to rise to the occasion, stand up, speak out, and march with pitchforks if that is what is needed.

Please help support our continued work and publications on these and other important matters. We think these and other matters are so important that we do this out of our Love and Gratitude for our community by placing our fuzzy heads out to help inform you.  To educate you.  But NEVER, I repeat NEVER, believe anyone, always question everything for yourself, don’t accept a fluff answer, and most importantly use DISCERNMENT.*  In your journey also be aware of our own Cognitive Dissonance.* When you read or hear something and suddenly felt ill about it, or extreme hatred, that is when you should question yourself. Ask yourself  why you are programmed to that reaction based on what you think you know or don’t know… such as when someone is compared to Hitler and it brings such a knee-jerk reaction. The understanding of the reaction is what I am getting at.  And when you allow this, you open the door to making yourself a more understanding and awoke person. When that is achieved the world is yours to understand.


Discernment- n.  The act or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgment.


Cognitive Dissonance- a psychological conflict between two contradictory beliefs.  Ex.  Being manipulated into anger by Politics when people know it to be a sham, my sides better…. when nobody truly represents you.


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