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The “REAL” Benefits of a Local currency

Written by Christopher Ripple

Terms to know:

*Cabal– A group of people united in some design, almost always secretive.

 *Longlining– term used in fishing that refers to long lines with many hooks to ensnare as many fish as possible.  In a way think the biblical ‘Fishers of men’ and not in a good way.

 *Fiat-a currency that is literally not worth the paper it is printed on, fake, not backed by gold or value.  An example is the US Dollar or Monopoly money as they have the same value.

 *Fractional reserve-is what allowed the bankers to break down the value of the dollar to smaller amounts making micro amounts available all while taking larger percentages for breaking up the true value of a currency.  Think Cannabis… an ounce of cannabis in a store maybe $200, but if you are in this poor system then you may only be able to afford a gram for $22. This then makes an ounce cost over $600, thus scalping customers for quite literally giving them less product.

As the world implodes at the hands of the Central Banking System (CBS) Cabal*, we should be harnessing our community in modeling and using more sane methods and proven methods for our local currency/system. The time has gone for allowing the Rothschild owned Federal Reserve Bank (Not part of the US Government) to be allowed to corrupt and centralize power of the globe. This system targets the very roots of our communities and allows it to flourish. Meanwhile we are given less rights, less money, less health, less clean water, air and lands, less security but tons more fear and propaganda. All to support the growing and evolving system of slavery in the form of debt. CBS has done this in the past like the takeover of the government in 1913, though some say that may have possibly happened much earlier, and the planned crash of 1930.  CBS has played both sides to steal away sovereign free citizens to enslave them. 


Utilizing our government and its subsidiaries…. i.e., the-educational system, free lunch programs, SUBSIDIES and GRANTS (yes this means you too educators and ‘funded scientists’), Food safety, Drug safety, and on and on…. all on our dime and then used against us.  All while feeding us propaganda in the form of the Hegelian dialect.  Don’t forget perspective, we live in a dualistic creation and all is controlled through magnetic frequencies. For every good there IS a bad and sometimes we think we operate in good faith but are manipulated through belief over our own insight and authority.  A great example are those professors I know getting massive funding for never-ending studies about how bad we are polluting lands, waters and our bodies with the crap US/UN militaries shoot up and destroy the world with.  Not that I am against well-armed people in self-defense against tyranny and a global monster… or reptilian… or King. There are many different perspectives on this one but the power system endures, with different names and faces nonetheless, but still endures.  At the top of their pyramid hierarchical society, they have enslaved us.  Or so they think. 

            When you think enslavement, what do you think?  I think of people coming and threatening to take my homestead that I own free and clear. Through taxation their family can eat at the expense of mine, or yours!  How much overhead can be burdened until it comes crashing down? How long before we stop this longlining* harvesting of debt from the Rothschild’s and their types? They send out cheap debt to enslave people through unlimited printing of a Fiat* currency under a fractional reserve system. * This system thinks we owe them TRILLIONS. They use these funds to divvy up cash to banks then they print and lend it back at interest. This is true even if it is not actual money printed but only numbers sent to a computer somewhere.  If you do not completely understand our banking system and who benefits please look for yourself to understand.  A GREAT starting point is the book ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island,’ by G. Edward Griffin. This book talks about how the Federal Reserve was created in private and at a private estate.



Now Local Based Currency shortcuts all of that.  It allows local people to trade freely amongst themselves without their wealth being hijacked.  Unlike the current system that starts out with $100 in value and gets back about $10 in real goods value if you are lucky.  When I trade an hour of my time to an hour of my neighbors is it not the same?  Do we not all have value?  And if we can intrinsically talk to one another again, set some values on a standard of value or time, and back it by nothing more than a person’s value and word we are then operating in a Local Based Currency system. This works well to if a person is a bad dealer for they will be culled out of the system quickly instead made a ward of it.  So how do we put this local based currency system into action?  The answer is Social responsibility in our communities.  The whole no free lunch thing is true, as we ALL have something to value if we are truthful.  When we act in a socially responsible manner, we take back our freedoms!  We take back our community pride!  We take back our sovereignty and dignity! WE TAKE BACK OUR AUTHORITY! And ultimately we SAVE our cultures and values.

            We people that inhabit this area and other areas around this entire globe understand, it is not about greed, but free will and the ability to guide our own lives without intimidation or fear as the driving force.  I believe people want to think less about money and more about the things they WANT to do, want to learn, want to teach, want to explore, or want to help.  This change does not start at the top of the pyramid. It is us, the true builders of these societies that must overturn these structures of EXTREME opposition.  This starts here and it starts in you. The spirit connected to the eyeballs reading this right now.  This spirit really lives in all of us, if we can only learn our true selves, the good and bad, and operate from a balanced center, then true common ground for community to be re-founded on is easy.





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