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Safiyer and the Amulet: The Final Chapter

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By Mary age 9

At midnight Safiyer got to the, “Pit of Doom!” The was lava everywhere, pits of lave, explosive lava and lava bulbs. Then came the King and he had a lava colored amulet. Safiyers amulet had an ice power that shoots out water and ice.

The King and Safiyer used their amulets to fight each other. The King shot out lava, yelling “Lava Blast aaahhhh POW!”

Safiyer used her amulet yelling, “Ice Water Sonic blast atom POW!”

Safiyer said, “I will defeat you!” and the King said, “not yet lava shield.

They fought for a long time.

Safiyer was controlled and gave the King the amulet. She was now his slave forever.

Years later she said to the guard, “I need to see the King.”

Safiyer was ready to challenge him again.

They fought and this time she won. Pow, ice blasts, clunk-clunk, the King was defeated.

The King said, “you have won, I will be nice to the slaves from now on and you can keep your amulet.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” said Safiyer

The amulet said, “well-done you have made peace and balance to this galaxy, there is an alien spaceship you must stop it!”

“Oh boy!” said Safiyer


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