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Poison in your foods

Written by Christopher Ripple







I know several people in the healthy food movement and I was really hoping some would have wrote about this topic as they can speak much more eloquent than I on the subject of food additives (poison). but, I however have a personal stake in this game of hidden poisons, namely my family.  I also have a gift to want to find out why the hell corporations are poisoning us and our families. I will dig until I know and call them out along the way.  I have a BIG Spirit like that.  So, a call about 3 weeks ago from my partner in the paper, she  said that she had gotten the info that her favorite breakfast cereal had poison in it. The brand name Cinnamon Toast Crunch contains Tri Sodium Phosphate, also known as TSP. Chemical formula Na3PO4.  And according to MSDS sheets


If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Drink a glassful of water & seek prompt medical attention. Contains sodium per carbonate & sodium carbonate. TOXIC BY INGESTION.


Yep, same stuff you mix up to remove cigarette smoke from walls, degrease engines, clean floors, etc.  I at once looked at the cereal we have for our home. We try to buy organic if we cannot make it ourselves and even pay more money to verify best as possible. We read labels and check to see if it is safe for consumption, not processed with dehydrated E.coli, MSG’s, Aspartame, Natural Flavor, 100% meat, GMO’s or the like. I looked at our version, Mom’s Best Cereals, that we purchased at the health food section of Fred Meyers and yep, TSP is in there as well.  Of course, it is, because both brands are owned by Post cereal.  Needless to say, after making the family aware we will no longer be buying or eating that poison, I started to make calls.  Starting with the number on the package.  After making them aware I was a customer as well as a reporter they gave me another number.  And another.  And another.  For some reason, nobody wanted to talk to me about poison in the cereal.  Finally, after getting back to the 2nd number (corporate) I dialed and spoke to same lady, she said, “Oh, you need to talk to someone from a certain dept.” and transferred me again.  This is the first time I spoke with this person in this department and after picking up and saying hello, she was already prepped for me as they had called her and had her ready.  I know this for a fact because I never mentioned WHAT poison in the cereal I was calling about, but she said “so you are interested in TSP in our cereal, then I will have to get someone at XYZ dept. to call you back.”  That was weeks ago.

One method I have seen that has been used in other countries deals with concerned community members walking through their grocery stores (that are usually corporate owned) and dump all the known poisons on the ground costing cleanup, loss of product and loss of customers. Monitors need to be installed to ensure no poisons are going into the food or products. GMO’s, MSG’s, Aspartame, TSP, etc.  The list is long and extensive.  And all KNOWN poisons….. they can claim flavor enhancers or whatever legal ease their lawyers say to call it to get away with it.  No more I say!  The systems set up by us to protect us at our expense has not only not done so, their acting in the completely opposite manner. Just a couple of examples are CIA, EPA, FBI, Legal system, FDA and on and on and on.  If any of these really functioned would we have the environmental disasters we have today?  Would we have the poisoned food we have today?  Would we have the secrecy and Deep State we have today?  The only method I know from experience is that of Natural Law, also called Law of the Land, were we use our OWN AUTHORITY and banish these perversions from our communities.  From our stores.  From our homes.  Our very futures depend on it….don’t think so, just look at healthcare system designed just like the other organizations listed above, when people that eat healthy, do some fasting and stay away from doctors tend to live MUCH, MUCH longer.

Our system is not only not perfect, it is a complete failure.  Until we can talk to one another over a dinner table without convenience devices designed to distract from living, and meeting, and talking to people, then we have failed and gave up.  Until we can discuss serious issues and not want to shoot someone or control them, we have lost.  But when we act from Love and Gratitude in our heart for good, then we are Masters.  We WILL Win.  Stop wasting your very blood soaked dollars to continue this theft, this slavery.  Understand who profits or wants you sick.  Who wants you to only buy food from the store?  Who advertises it to you?  Eat as your body IS a temple, a machine that is well designed to take care of itself and don;t defile it with stuff designed for other than good.




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  • This poison not only in the listed cereals but have found in MANY more. As of August 6th there has been no reply from Post Brands on comment over the poison in their foods…..

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