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Acorna The Unicorn Girl

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A book review by Asmeret Payne

Acorna The Unicorn Girl

Written By Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball

Published by HarperCollins

Copyright 1997

ISBN 0061052965


Acorna is a science fiction novel set in the far future where mankind has colonized multiple star systems and asteroid and moon mining have become the standard. In all this time mankind has yet to encounter any members of extraterrestrial life.

Enter Acorna. found as an infant in an escape pod by a small group of asteroid miners while out on a multi-year expedition.

Lacking the resources to return to base and unable to return to work before the mission is complete Gill, Calum, and Rafik end up adopting the lone toddler. However, chaos ensues upon their return, and the men turned guardians have to flee to protect their extraordinary ward.

Anne McCaffrey’s work has always done a fantastic job of blurring the line between science fiction and fantasy and this novel is no exception. As with most science fiction the author explores what it means to be human.

Acorna’s journey continues this exploration. From her initial adoption, to her arrival at base, and on into the reactions of others as they meet this strange girl.

As always there is no such thing as a perfect novel. The major drawbacks with this book are found mid-way through as it tends to jump focus between several characters. The writer does pull away from the story a bit by backtracking to see who we are following now. As a whole the jumping back and forth can cause some confusion but the novel is well worth the minor inconvenience.

For those sci-fi readers, it is a worthwhile read. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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