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Seth Rich-Murdered Whistleblower, DNC IT guy

Written by Christopher Ripple


You may by now have heard the name Seth Rich…. and if not here’s a little about him.  He died to get information to you. Seth Rich was a DNC computer/IT specialist…. remember the whole Clinton server outside of regulations so as to have no accountability….. yeah, DNC IT guy.  So he had the dirt and shared it with WIKILeaks… which changed our election, and the world, forevermore.


Seth was out for a few drinks on the night he died. He never made it home.  He was found alive with gunshot wounds to his backside, bruises on his face and hands with signs of torture. The officers who found Rich were adorned with body cameras yet that footage as well as the security camera footage has never been found.  Rich was brought to the hospital where a doctor on staff said his wounds were survivable and he was talking after a non eventful surgery……that is until a dignitary and officers showed up and escorted everyone out of the room.  When Doctors were allowed back in Seth was in distress and eventually died.

Sound like a spy novel? This is a case of a Human standing up for what is right and spilling the beans on the corruption and depth of the corruption.  WIKILeaks was the conduit. A statement in WIKILeaks made by Jon Podesta on Feb 22nd, 2015 stated,  “ I’m definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker, whether or not we have a real basis for it.”  DC Police who have been ordered to ‘stand down’ according to reports, said it was a simple robbery.  A robbery where a man is dead.  And not robbed of his wallet, watch, etc, just his life.  After his MURDER, Julian Assange gave an interview where he discussed this murder and very subtly suggested the source. Assange offered a $25,000 reward for information.


Propaganda media aka coverup by the government, was used to mask the Seth Rich story, but thanks to real journalists willing to stand up, the truths are outting by the day. Let thy deeds show.  I hope the light we help shed gives a little peace on this whistleblowers soul.


Have you heard of false flags? A false flag is where something big happens to mask what is really going on. A bombing for instance could be used to distract or hide another incident. If the other incident requires a bombing as a cover clearly that incident must be of vital importance. Spotted throughout history there are many instances of false flag coverups. Next time an incident happens look behind the main story and see if a more pertanent issue is lurking, hoping to be slid under the rug.



UPDATE: AS of final deadline for printing, (we are fort-nightly (bi-monthly) paper), pressure placed on this almost swept away case caused the FBI to declare it a murder and not a robbery. Blake Farenthold Texas Representative is calling for an Investigation. In true propaganda media style,  CNN immediately tried to smear him. “I know Seth Rich was involved in the DNC lead.”

Quote:  Coincidences are coincidental, Ignorance is the likely culprit.  -Chris Ripple



As of the time of writing a report on this VERY THING , by BIX Weir (Road to Roota) had a YouTube report out that was scrubbed near immediately…..  luckily we recorded it and it is posted at our website or the same named Youtube channel being developed.  To understand why please read the first page of our first paper, titled  CENSORSHIP.



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