Safiyer and the Amulet: Chapter 2 By Mary, 9

Written by Heather Penn


Safiyer began her journey….

When she arrived at the castle there were slaves everywhere. The guards were shouting and hurting the slaves. They saw Safiyer and yelled, “you are trespassing on slave property. Safiyer said, “ I am here to see the King!” The guard laughed, “haha you will die in there,” she said “HE has an amulet that is strong.” “But I have an amulet too,” said Safiyer.  The guard said, “You do! then go see him.” Safiyer said, “okay.” When she got in there the King said, “what are you here for,” in a strong voice. “You will return the world of nature and free the slaves,” said Safiyer.

But the King didn’t agree and she said, “You have to battle me, we will have an amulet battle.” “The winner of the battle gets their wish and the loser becomes a slave and has to give back the amulet forever. “

“I accept,” said Safiyer.

“You are going to the lava pit of doom –baby, “said the King, “be there at midnight, got it!”



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