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Rough Roads built on scandals:

Written by Chris Hunter

I live in the Haystack community. There has been a long scandalous ordeal about the roads and road maintenance, spanning more than a few decades. I’ve only lived there since 2014, so I cannot speak with pure accuracy about prior events.


On Haystack Mountain, a spot in the road is notorious for having a glacier grow across it all winter long. Our road commissioners came up with a good plan, cheap, simple, and easy, to eliminate this exceptionally dangerous road hazard.


The glacier grows across a steep section of road, and continues to have water flowing across the top of the ice all winter long, even at -40F, adding to the thickness of the glacier minute by minute. The glacier becomes wedge shaped with the thickest part of the wedge at the highest point in the road elevation, covering an already steep section of roadway with water flowing on top of the ice.


I admit having more than a few incidents of trouble crossing this section of road, even with tire chains and

4-wheel drive. Many nights getting home at 1 or 2 in the morning after being stuck on the glacier.


In October of 2015, the entire neighborhood got together with the Road Commissioners and allocated funds to install a heated pipe under the roadway to make the water flow under the road instead of over the road. The overall electric cost would be $200 per unit of time. Currently we have a local construction company come out and clear the glacier which costs about $4700 to $6300 each time and that is multiple times per winter.


The Fairbanks North Star Borough rural services and road maintenance department have been paid and promised to have construction on the pipe done before winter 2016.


It is now 2017, June. The work has not even so much as started.


If I act like the governing body here, I would be in court for fraud.

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