Written by Jim McDermott M.S

verb (used without object)

to engage in politicking

verb (used with object)

to influence, accomplish, or promote by politicking


Over the years I have asked my wonderful introduction to business students “Is the USA a free market system?” and virtually every student believed we are a fully engaged capitalist society.

When I tell them that I am sorry to report that our society only has a streak of the free market with a heavy dose of government taxes, tariffs, government directed policies & regulations; some of which even dictate how much you pay your employees (minimum wage).

Our Socialist streak here in the USA ensures that businesses have all government required licenses, government fees paid, and in some cases specialized certifications must be documented via some government agency for even many layman professions.

Businesses also need government approval to bring life saving medicines to market, and in some industries even the amount of product production is mandated by government, and the list goes on and on and on… and don’t even get me going about the most feared letters in business “IRS”.

Yes of course, some commerce rules and a small dose of industry regulations are required for public safety but we must also remember that these government mandates are enforced presently by some people with guns.

Therefore in my opinion to bring more economic freedom to our USA markets that all government interaction with the free market via laws should be at an absolute minimum and done so with government policing themselves.

I believe the U.S. should have an economic mandate that reviews all laws that influence the free market and these laws ought to be reviewed every two years for relevance of need.

What I didn’t tell the students: Who knows, this economic review might even force some career politicians to work more than their current 1.5 days a week average they currently toil. Live free.


God Bless the hard working & caring people,


Jim McDermott, M.S.

AK Libertarian

Retired University Professor

Small Business Counselor

Retired U.S. Air Force


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