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Even in the very English we speak is an example.  Even after writing this title did I have to snark at myself….. by writing the words, What (a question,) and IS (a statement of fact,) exactly demonstrates what duality is….. it is the opposite forces, the opposite words, opposite directions, opposite positions, polarities or even opposite sex.  Duality is how our construct of all we encompass is not only powered, but controlled, and in turn, gives us the abilities to experience many ranges of thought and action based within this polarity….. but in balance, that’s where we are the Masters.  By understanding this principle that underlies ALL, we become masters of our own existence within those boundaries.  Having the ability to discern the ‘ah poop’ with the realms understood and known, even though not even conscience of them in physicality…..  or the other side where only things that can be tangibly constructed and observed and reproduced by scientific principle (not law.)

Symbols are very powerful and all-present once you ‘see’ them.  I have been learning more and more about the symbology right in front of our faces that most probably do not understand, definitely aren’t taught much about in school, or are misled to ‘hide’ the real message you must be illumined to know, or be able to think abstractly and piece things together by your own intellect.  I got to say I fell more towards one side myself and therefore studying to find my balance on the matter.  Some really great examples through well seen symbology may include the Ying/Yang, As above so below, double helix (DNA), a spiral, Caduceus (healtcare), checkerboard pattern, Masonic square (male pyramidal, female chalice), the 2 pillars (Boas & Joaquin representing the Sun & Moon)

I was talking to a group one time of this idea of duality and someone from Gertee’s Yurtees down out of Kenny Lake said, “don’t be talking like that without referencing Walter Russel,” at which I said who is Walter Russel?  Since then I have learned more about duality on many levels by understanding this Leonardo da Vinci of America…. and yes, my observations dovetailed exactly. A good center to see yourself daily and it will serve you well, is to realize nothing before us is solid….. not this paper you are holding, not the floor your feet are on or the coffee you may be drinking…. in our lives with little study we understand atoms, even if it is just that they are magnetically charged and really small.  And they make up everything pretty much we know, ERGO, we are nothing but magnetic.  At a frequency.  Duality.  Positive and negative energy.   Vibrating on different frequencies.  Light.  Dark.  Living.  Dead.  Good.  Bad.  Male.  Female.  It is with this realization I offer you this final statement by a writer you may know, William Shakespaere, “The world is but a stage, and we all but actors.”  Do you know you, and do you know your role

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