Safiyer and the Amulet By Mary Age 9

Written by Heather Penn

By Mary Age 9

Once upon a time…. there was a family. Their names were Joey the dad, Martha the mom and Colby, Kalven, John and the strong and smart daughter Safiyer. Joey took good care of his family because he was a mighty warrior. One day Safiyer was playing and found an amulet. It was light blue. She put it on and **W H A M** all of a sudden she got powers. She did not know how to control them so she kept it a secret. Then the next day she wondered how to control her powers. Every night the amulet would talk to her but it made her scared because it kept telling Safiyer that her family was in danger. Then it just turned off. She was frustrated. The next day she told her family, “I don’t know how to do this.” Her mom said, “then put it back where you found it. But Safiyer said, “ I can’t take it off, it won’t let me. It tells me when there are enemies and monsters and the amulet said “we are in danger.”

Her mother laughed and said, “amulets can’t talk!” Her mother came close to Safiyer and tryed to pull the amulet off her neck. Suddenly the amulet shot fire, ice and lightning out of it. Safiyer used her powers and and made a tornado that surrounded her mother keeping her safe. Suddenly Safiyer realized she could control her powers and started becoming a Super Hero.

Then the amulet said “You must go to the Temple of Death to battle your arch-nemesis ZUS! He is a demon who was never trusted. He took the portal to the land of Nacher and now there are no Nacher people left. If he is not captured our whole world will be turned into flames and ashes. Humans will die and some of them will be slaves forever. YOU, Safiyer must do it. Do it and save the world!”


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