Delta ATV Mud Rally

Written by Heather Penn

20 years ago, Delta residents, Bill Pugh, Loyd Maggard and Leonard Creel had an idea. They were discussing ways to bring more family oriented activities into Alaska’s interior. “We all hunted, had ATV’s and loved the outdoors, so we had to come up with a way to incorporate those attributes into one function.” Thus was born the Delta ATV Mud Rally!


Pugh, the last remaining founder remarks that since its induction in 1996, “we have never had an incident that required law enforcement or emergency services, that is quite a safety record.”

The rally can bring in more than 200 people though it varies year to year. Pugh doesn’t advertise as that helps to keep the attendance small and much easier to manage. Though many returnees are regulars, each year “there is a continuous roll over in attendees,” said Pugh.


Pugh, a spry older gentleman with a long gray beard hopes his sons will carry the torch known as the ATV Rally on into the next generation.

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