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What does Taxation REALLY cost?

Written by Christopher Ripple

What does it mean to have and cover a liability of tax on property you “OWN?” I believe taxes are theft and against the peoples free-will. What are the real cost of taxes, where does the money go and who are the beneficiaries?  I believe you DO NOT own anything!


Let’s take my house for instance. I am to pay $3800 for an off-grid, 960 SF home over 20 miles from town. There are no services save for a dysfunctional Road Board system and completely biased usage/cost collection structure designed to pit neighbor against neighbor as road usage is not actually determined by “use.”


If you are like most people, you have to work. After taxation, aka the “theft of your wages,” how much are you actually bringing home. “The Man,” a term used to describe the one whom our tax money goes to is not actually part of the US in fact the checks are mailed to London. The IRS is a private business that utilizes your tax dollars to pay the national debt.

If time is money, how much money has been taken away from family time, educating oneself or perhaps growing your own food.


What about mitigating expenses you are FORCED to pay because of this cascading effect of theft? The theft of our time and money increases pollution, chances of accident, stress and more reliance on an already overburdened underfunded healthcare and education system. The necessity to work and in turn be robbed could only be described as a theft of life.


The Breakdown:


+$3800     yearly tax liability

+$1200     avg. yearly education expense (to get/retain) you job

+$10,500  fuel for vehicle (includes Federal mandated tax for road repair)

+$100       registration yearly tax paid to private business known as DMV

+$650       clothing $500-800 for presentable attire

+$200       tax preparation another yearly tax

+$6000     healthcare

+$10,800  childcare yearly

$33,250   MINIMUM must be made without a penny for food, phone or house.

Based on an average $12 wage in Fairbanks


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