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Written by Heather Penn


by Monica @ Alaska Earth Mama

Yarrow harvested in summer as soon as they flower

Natural painkiller, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and digestive aid.

Great infused in creams, oils, tinctures and herbal teas.

Aides in fever reduction and eliminating toxins. Also, used topically to heal wounds.


Stinging Nettles leaves are harvested in the spring and early summer.

Used for the suppression of muscle spasms, astringent and diuretic.

The chlorophyll rich nettles strengthen and support the digestive, respiratory, urinary and glandular systems. Also aids in allergy relief, eczema, inflammation in arthritis, gout, and kidney

Irritations. Can be taken in capsule, cooking oils, tinctures, essential oils and tea infusions.


Cottonwood (Balsam popular) harvest winter buds in early spring. Powerful anti-inflammatory properties, pain relief. Contains “salicin,” a natural remedy for fever, rheumatism, arthritis and diarrhea. The buds soothe skin, heal wounds, cuts, burns, scrapes and bruises. Traditionally cottonwood is made into a balm, one such type is the “the balm of Gilead.”


Plantain also called “sacred herb,” by herbalists. Harvested summer to late summer. Great for soothing itchy mosquito bites due to its anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. Used in creams, eye wash, oil infusion, steam and tinctures. Eye wash and drops help treat inflammation associated with pink eye. Interestingly, ingesting the leaves is said to curb cravings to smoke and soothe toothaches.


Horsetail harvested early summer but one must look closely when harvesting to ensure crystals are present. Rich in “silica,” helps the body form collagen which aids in healing broken bones and the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. Also, used for bladder infections and stopping blood flow in an open wound. Horsetail contains vitamin C, calcium, carotene, iron, magnesium and phosphorus for cell health.

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