Walk Out At West

Written by Heather Penn

Today at 1:30 pm students at West Valley walked out of their classroom and out of the school to gather in protest to the upcoming budget cuts.

On the chopping block are music, selected sports such as skiing, AP classes and Language classes.

Students also walked out in opposition of the teacher layoffs and the proposed closing of West Valley High School.

Students learned of a plan that would entail adding 9th grade to middle school making it 7-9 and having high school become 10-12.

Students from West would then attend Lathrop. “I don’t know how this is going to work,” said WVHS student Brooke, “Us and Lathrop, we have always been rivals, I don’t see them welcoming us.”

Indeed a long standing rivalry dominated by neither has always stood between the two schools.

WVHS student Sierra claims, “if they cut some programs like music and sports many kids will lose that positive outlets in their lives.”

Needless to say the air about the walk-out was likeminded and restless. Student, educators and parents alike wonder just where and how are these budget cuts going to impact their schools, teachers and kids.



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