Free The People Preamble

Written by Heather Penn

Free the People Publication


Welcome to the beginnings of “Free the People.” FTP is a bi-monthly publication dedicated to finding the facts and eliminating the falsities associated with our media driven world. Founded in Alaska by two likeminded souls who were tired of the endless flow of imprecise information and half-truths. FTP is seeking a readership that questions what it is being fed through current media streams. As we are writers so too we are seekers.

We at FTP intend to cover various hot-button, excluded and hidden topics in our quest for the truth. We embrace a free-thinking, free-will mindset as our manner of reporting may reveal multiple explanations for any one particular subject. The intent is not to coerce but rather to inform, after all, Knowledge Is Power.

FTP’s reporting style features a fortnightly “Free the People” newspaper/ E-edition, Website, YouTube channel and various social media outlets such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. This varied “broad casting” approach enables wide-range audience involvement as we, a community, head down this road of obtaining truth within our world.

Please join us in supporting this new venture as we attempt to sift through the smoke and mirrors and extract the sum and substance.

FTP Staff


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